Thursday, October 13, 2011

Swarming an Ogre: totally stolen from Battletech

1, sorry about not posting for a couple days.  Some stuff came up.

2. Why can't infantry, with jump jets and reinforced power armor, perform swarm attacks against an Ogre?  It would be really simple, actually.  They would still be struck by AP batteries.  But they also would have a better chance of destroying certain systems, or even detonating external missiles.  Place charges?  Use mono-edged weapons to cut armor or power leads?  Disable sensors (causing negative modifiers to hit tolls)?

Rules: any infantry squad that moves into base contact (or adjacent) to an Ogre may during its movement phase 'board' the Ogre.
During the fire phase, any unit 'boarding' an Ogre may make a 1/1 odds attack against any weapon system still available to the Ogre (not currently destroyed).  X or XX hits only count, as per normal rules.
The Ogre may target 'boarded' enemy squads with any functioning AP batteries available as per normal rules.  'Boarded' infantry to not counted as or for overrun attacks.
'Boarded' infantry may dismount at anytime during their movement phase.
'Boarded' infantry may not attack Ogre treads while mounted.

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