Friday, October 14, 2011

Old school Optional rules: MINES

I love going through the the older versions of Ogre and GEV to find the little included variant rules.

Like, MINES.  I love mines.  They totally make the other side either paranoid or grimace with pain.  While the rulebook states what mines do; IE the player writes down a number of hexes that are mined; if an ogre enters the hex roll 1d6 - on a 5 or 6 the ogre takes 1d6 tread damage.  If a regular unit rolls through, you must roll a 6; if you do, that unit is destroyed (D result for infantry).  But the rule never states HOW MANY mines the player gets.  Since they are kinda chancy, and free I would say roll 1d6+1 to get how many mines you may deploy.  If you want more, sacrifice an armored unit to get another 1d6+1 mines.  I would also limit the number of mines to no more than 12, cause then it gets real nasty.  

And what about mine clearing?  Combat engineers?  Hmmm......

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