Friday, October 7, 2011

Counters VS Miniatures: a rant

Yes, I am going to rant for a moment.  It's my blog, and I'll rant when I want to.

When I first started playing Ogre, it was a 3rd edition set.  It had hex maps and stuff.  And it was good.  Turns out, that if I wanted some varying terrain, that fold out Battletech maps worked wonders.  And counters, whoo i love counters.  Did you wear one out?  Print a new one!  Want to make your own units?  Fire up MS Paint!  Want to play with a friend, but he can't afford $100 for the new box set?  Find an old Battletech map and print him some counters damnit!

Now dont get me wrong, the miniatures were good.  Damn good.  When you could get em.  When they were in production.  When you had $50 and nothing better to blow it on.

Evil Steve should go back to making cut counters with fold up maps in pocket cases for $15 bucks a wack.  He would outsell his entire munchkin line overnight.  He could sell Ogre at Walmart and Target, rather than the Munchkin base set.

But hey, what do I know?

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