Friday, October 7, 2011

Infantry transport: really?

In actual warfare, the lowly Infantry trooper will hitch a ride aboard anything that will carry him.  They will ride behind tank turrets, cling to door mirrors, ride atop shipping containers, etc.  In Ogre terms, this should mean that any armor vehicle (medium tank, missile tank, mobile howitzer, heavy tank, etc) may carry 1 squad (up to 3 guys) of armored troops.  They may mount or dismount during the movement phase as their only movement.  While being transported, if the unit carrying them is destroyed, the troops are as well.  The troopers may not fire while mounted.

sound fair?

Addendum: it has been brought to my attention, and rightly so, that 3 guys is actually 3 squads.  My confusion came from the counter of a strength three infantry, being three single squads stacked together.  Each armored vehicle should be able to transport only 1 squad at a time.

PS: thanks Aramis for the heads up!


  1. The problem is that the battlesuit squad isn't 3 men. ISTR it's 5, but I'd have to double check G:Ogre and/or Battlesuit (the other boardgame of the Ogre/GEV setting).

    The infantry bases used 3 men because the platoon was 3 squads, and each suit represents a whole squad.

  2. The paneuropeans did not have as quality powered infantry 'clamshell' type suits so their squads where about 7. Their ECM and ECCM were a little bit inferior as well - but not enough to effect a battle where you roll a six sided dice for battle results. If your rolled a d100, there might be a 3-7% combat difference between these two types of battlesuits. It's also not uncommon for opposing sides to requisition enemy combat suits, repaint them and use them seeing how they kill those inside is by hyper velocity dart. :)
    But getting back to infantry riding on vehicles, our house rules forbid it because these combat suits weigh about a ton and a half. A 3000 pound piece of military hardware is different than a 200 pound infantryman hitching a ride, don't you think?