Friday, October 7, 2011

Last of the red hot Coelacanths

This is from an old scenario available on Steve Jackson's Ogre website, about a specialty Ogre that was equipped with hover units rather than regular treads.  A GEV-Ogre unit if you will.  Its loads of fun to play and scares the hell out of your opponent.  My buddy loves this thing, and used it on me the other day (I went all GEV on him.  It did not go as well as I had hoped).

The "Coelacanth" Hovertank.
(Mark VI-size stealth/ground effect cybertank):

2 cruise missiles (special/infinite; D3)         O O
2 missile racks (D4)                                  O O
20 internal missiles (6/5)       O O O O O  O O O O O
                                           O O O O O  O O O O O
3 main batteries (4/3; D4)          O O O
8 tertiary batteries (3/2; D2)      O O O O  O O O O
12 antipersonnel (1/1; D1)        O O O O O O
                                            O O O O O O
60 propulsion units starting at 4/3 MA.
(The progression goes like this: 4/3, 3/2, 2/1, 1/0)

Special Rules for the Coelacanth.
Ground Effect Cybertank: The Coelacanth moves at 4/3 and is treated like a GEV for terrain effects. Its propulsion units are treated exactly like Ogre tread units, except that they are automatically targeted at 2-1 odds and takes 2x damage from rams, attacks, etc. When ramming, it is treated like a Mark VI.

Stealth Equipment: All attacks directed at this Ogre except infantry overruns are at -1 to their die rolls.

Tertiary batteries: An experimental smaller and less-armored version of the secondary battery. Worth 3 VP each when destroyed.

Victory Points: All destroyed components of this Ogre are worth 6.6 x their normal VP. For instance, a tertiary battery, when destroyed, is worth 19.9 VP. (A cruise missile is worth 12 VP X 6.6 whether fired or destroyed.) If the Coelacanth is destroyed completely, the opposing side gets an additional 257.4 VP for the cybertank body.

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