Friday, February 17, 2012

ACTA, SOPA, and everything else....

Well, its been a while.  Life will do that to you.  Anywho, I am glad to say that these acts of censorship have been struck down by the people.  All hail teh Mighty INTERNETS. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Treat: ZOMBIES!!!!!

Ah, Zombies.  I love Zombies.  And even for Ogre, zombies can be fun.  The accidental mixture of a cadaver preservative and some minor Battlefield Drugs resulted in the Living Battle-Suited Dead!

Sg. Wilkins Stared out into the moonlight, trying to shake the feeling that something was out there.  It had been over half a day since the last battle, and Intelligence had declared the sector clean hours ago.  But Wilson simply couldn't shake the feeling that something was still going on.  Knowing that he was just showing his paranoia, Wilson had ordered a recon squad to patrol just a couple of kicks away from the CP.  The last fight had played merry hell with the sensor grid, and until the engineers arrived they had to make do with a mostly visual inspection of the perimeter.  For several hours Wilson had rotated teams out into the wilderness, with nothing to show for it.  He sighed, and made ready to recall the latest team when an incomming signal crashed his net.
"Sarge!  Sarge! Its Coleman.  We got something out here, move-"  The voice cut off with a gurgling primal scream.  Weapons fire roared over the channel and even at the current distance, Wilson could make out the muzzle flashes. Wilson snapped to his feet, checked his suit scanner, clicked his mike.
"Report Contact.  I repeat, report contact!"  Only screams answered him, like small animals being disemboweled.  Wilson taped his control pad, importing the helmet cams of Coleman's squad.  The sight left him speechless.  Humans, or at least parts of them, were being consumed by other humans.   They h Dead humans.  Some wore Combine armor, some Pan-euro.  All were quite dead; palid skin, terrible gaping wounds, missing limbs.  Wilson was stunned by a numbing horror, felt the urge to spew.
There were no such things!
His external audio registered a new sound.  A low moaning, like some wounded animal.  A scraping shuffle, the clink of battle-armored feet on gravel.  Wilson whirled around, and saw several of the horrors staggering towards him.  Fighting the scream that tore loose from his throat, Sg. Wilson fled back towards the CP with everything his jump jets could give.
Wilson crashed through the perimeter like a comet, slamming up against the remaining heavy tank with stunning force.  Breathless, Wilson struggled to his feet, waving a heavy arm back towards the oncoming horrors.  Several of the men heard them now, and reached for weapons.  Wilson pushed several troopers towards the remaining vehicles, squeezing out what words his shallow breath would allow.
"Warm it, all up." Breath. "Everything, we got." Breath. "They're coming." Breath. "Sweet Jesus." Breath.  "They're coming."
Again, that wounded animal moan.  That dead-leg drag.....

Setup: Use the classic Ogre board, and set the Living player CP somewhere in the Center 3 rows of the board.

Scenario: the Living Player takes 5 normal BS squads, 1 missile tank and 1 heavy tank guarding a CP during a dark Halloween Night (deploy all units within 2 hexes of the CP).
Defending the CP for 5 rounds from the Zombies is the objective.
The Zombie player takes 2d6 Zombie BS squads, and deploys them 1d6 hexes away from the CP (minimum of 3 hexes).
The dead and slain have risen, offering only moans of "brains!", and have the first round.
The Living player take his round second.
The end of the living player's turn is the end of a full round.
After 5 rounds, the match is over.

Zombie special rules:
Zombies may not combine attack (no intelligence), but may group together in a hex during movement (spillover fire applies as normal).
Zombie Reinforcements: At the beginning of the Zombie player's turn, he rolls 1d6-1 for zombie reinforcements that appear 1d6 hexes away from the CP (minimum of 3 hexes, minimum of 1 zombie reinforcements).
Zombies are Move 1, Defence 2 (undead), Range 0 and Strength 1.
Zombies may only attack in overrun combat (hand to hand only).
Zombies are killed on X or XX results only (head shots).  D results are ignored (even in overrun combat where D results usually count; instead they simply punch through the bodies).
Any Living infantry unit slain by zombies will rise as a zombie controlled Zombie unit in the next Zombie player turn. Any other units slain (missile tank or tank) are just dead.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Its been a few days: Howitzers in Craters!

Love this old variant on Howitzer placement, allowing Howitzers to be placed inside a crater.  This prevents ramming or overrun attacks against the Howitzer (except from infantry) and gives the Howitzer +1 defense. If you pay 24 points, the Howitzer also has Point Defense (!) which gives it a defense factor of 5!  Its also completely concealed until fired, meaning you can potentially shoot an Ogre in the ass!

I love it!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Old school Optional rules: MINES

I love going through the the older versions of Ogre and GEV to find the little included variant rules.

Like, MINES.  I love mines.  They totally make the other side either paranoid or grimace with pain.  While the rulebook states what mines do; IE the player writes down a number of hexes that are mined; if an ogre enters the hex roll 1d6 - on a 5 or 6 the ogre takes 1d6 tread damage.  If a regular unit rolls through, you must roll a 6; if you do, that unit is destroyed (D result for infantry).  But the rule never states HOW MANY mines the player gets.  Since they are kinda chancy, and free I would say roll 1d6+1 to get how many mines you may deploy.  If you want more, sacrifice an armored unit to get another 1d6+1 mines.  I would also limit the number of mines to no more than 12, cause then it gets real nasty.  

And what about mine clearing?  Combat engineers?  Hmmm......

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Orbital Strikes: LOIC anyone?

Alright, let's stop fucking around.  You all know what I'm talking about here.  The Hammer of God.  Orbital satellite to ground strikes.  Oh yeah!

OK, so this depends on quite a few things.
One, clear communications to the satellite or it's controller.
Two, the satellite must be in an appropriate orbital path/time-frame, or Geo-synchronous in order to deliver the Package.
Three, What are the criteria for calling in a god-strike?  We have Ogres on the field.  How much worse can it get?

Rules: An orbital strike costs the player the 5 armor units during setup.  When used, the player declares the target hex and rolls 1d6: on a 5 or 6, the call gets through and the strike is called down.  Anything within the target hex is struck at 5-1 odds (if an Ogre, roll for each weapon system and 3d6 for tread damage).  For each hex distance from the target hex, reduce the damage by 1 (so 2 hexes away is 4-1 odds, three is 3-1 odds, etc).  Anything past 5 hexes is safe.  Place a crater in the target hex.

Swarming an Ogre: totally stolen from Battletech

1, sorry about not posting for a couple days.  Some stuff came up.

2. Why can't infantry, with jump jets and reinforced power armor, perform swarm attacks against an Ogre?  It would be really simple, actually.  They would still be struck by AP batteries.  But they also would have a better chance of destroying certain systems, or even detonating external missiles.  Place charges?  Use mono-edged weapons to cut armor or power leads?  Disable sensors (causing negative modifiers to hit tolls)?

Rules: any infantry squad that moves into base contact (or adjacent) to an Ogre may during its movement phase 'board' the Ogre.
During the fire phase, any unit 'boarding' an Ogre may make a 1/1 odds attack against any weapon system still available to the Ogre (not currently destroyed).  X or XX hits only count, as per normal rules.
The Ogre may target 'boarded' enemy squads with any functioning AP batteries available as per normal rules.  'Boarded' infantry to not counted as or for overrun attacks.
'Boarded' infantry may dismount at anytime during their movement phase.
'Boarded' infantry may not attack Ogre treads while mounted.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Comments should be fixed....

As per your request, I have fixed the comments areas so that anyone (including anonymous folks) can leave comments.  Should help get some feed back.  Always looking for feedback.